These New Spring Training Hats Are Brutal

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If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I’m not a big fashion guy. I’m more of a t-shirt, gym shorts and socks and sandals guy. When I started doing my Comcast SportsNet New England TV spots, Portnoy sent me over to Milton’s so fast that it would make your head spin, because I have no idea how to dress myself. A fashion expert, I am not. That being said, these new spring training hats are atrocious, and that says a lot coming from someone like me. MLB is always trying new ways to spice things up during spring training with vibrant uniforms, and today players are allowed to use Snapchat during the games. But these hats should be banned, and they should be banned immediately. We’ve got hitters complaining that Jacob DeGrom’s hair is a distraction on the mound when they’re trying to concentrate in the batter’s box, so I can only imagine how difficult it has to be for a batter to look out towards the pitcher and see these friggin’ things. The only way a hat like that should be permitted during game play is if a team decided to have a Jimmy Buffet Night, which the Angels‘ single-A affiliate the Burlington Bees did in 2014. Other than that, get rid of ‘em.