One Week From Today - March Madness Friday At Saloon

The greatest days of the year are upon us. The first 2 days of March Madness are just 1 week away. This year we have the added bonus of St Patrick’s Day falling on Thursday and Saloon is throwing even more gasoline on the fire with their open bar special on that Friday. 3 hour open bar packages start at noon. It’s $30. So you can go 12-3, 1-4, 2-5 etc etc depending on when you show up. Then every hour you wish to extend, it’s $10/hour. The special runs all day and night, from 12pm to 3am. Theoretically you could drink for 15 hours for $150. However, you would also be dead at the end of it so you probably don’t want to do that. To get on the list for the open bar, email with your name and the names of the people you’re coming with.
It’s legit the best day of the year and one of Barstool New York’s best running events. No better way to do March Madness. So take of Friday and come join me for 12 hours of booze and hoops.
Again don’t forget to email Tommy