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KFC Radio Episode 159 - My Girlfriend Cheated On Me With My Cousin...My Female Cousin

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(No video this week. I was a little drunk recording this and I forgot to do video)

Quite the situation this fella found himself in this week on KFC Radio. Girlfriend cheats on you with your cousin, but the kicker is that its a girl cousin. Incredible. Perhaps unprecedented. Dont think we’ve ever encountered lesbian affairs with cousins on KFC Radio. 159 eps in and we’re still breaking into new territory. Amazing.

Anyway, my first gut reaction was that you just gotta cut ties with this chick and your cousin and move the fuck on. But resident sexual deviant Feitelberg persuaded me to think otherwise. I’ll leave it up to you to listen and decide for yourself. Quick spoiler though – we both think you can have a threesome with this cheating slut.

We also talk about how famous you need to be in order to get assassinated, the best way to propose, and KFC’s drunken run in with Tibetan protestors. Plug in, juice up!