A Character I Don't Remember From Game Of Thrones Got Naked For A Magazine So Here You Go

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Mirror – Game Of Thrones’ Ollie Kram has gone nude for Yume magazine in a seriously sexy photoshoot. In photos from the classy black and white shoot the Russian model can be seen posing completely starkers, save for a strategically placed towel or shirt knotted at the waist. The Australian magazine is a bi-annual magazine that covers the arts and photography.




Who? Me not remembering Game of Thrones characters is nothing new. That’s how it is for everybody who watches GOT. 82% of conversations about the show revolve around questions like, “Who is he again?” and “Are they related or lovers or both?” and “Why should I care bout this person again?”  There are 50,000 characters on that show and it is impossible to keep them all straight.  With that said, I REALLY don’t remember this chick.  Normally I can at least remember a guy from that thing when he killed the other person but her?  Nope. Nothing.  Not a clue.


So I looked her up.  Here’s her character description (her name in the show is Anara apparently):



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Oh okay.  So she’s a prostitute in a show full of prostitutes. Got it.  Peter Dinklage goes to a brothel in pretty much every episode.  You mean I’m supposed to know who she is in the sea of prostitutes?  Good for Ollie Kram though. From here on out she can forever say she was in Game of Thrones. That’ll get you in most doors I feel like.  That’s how I found her naked photoshoot. It said, “Character from Game of Thrones does sexy nude photoshoot” and I instantly clicked on it. Margaery Tyrell? Khaleesi? The Mountain? Nope. Anara the Braavos hooker. Good enough for me. She is smooooooooooooking hot. And Russian which somehow makes it better. Enjoy.



Click here for the super NSFW pictures