Our 10th Annual March Madness Party Is Friday At Cask N Flagon Sponsored By Bud Light


Truthfully I have no idea how many years we’ve been doing our March Madness party. It was the first event we ever did. It’s always my favorite event of the year because it’s just dudes being dudes drinking and gambling. Every year guys will say “hey where all the chicks” at? Not here that’s where. Although I will say if I was a girl and wanted to meet a normal dude I’d show up at this thing in a heartbeat. This party is just a place where men can be men. Start at the noon tip on Friday and ends never.

Hopefully we see everybody there. I’ve heard lots of people saying this will be our last March Madness Party in Boston because of the move to NY. I’m not sure I agree with that. I envision a 2 day March Madness party next year. Thursday in NYC and Friday in Boston. Huge brain.