Epic Buddy Hield vs. Georges Niang Battle In The Big 12 Tourney Ends With Craziest Cover Ever

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 8.56.52 AM

First of all, the actual game. Epic battle between Buddy Hield and Georges Niang. 39 for Hield. 31 for Niang. That’s 45% of their team’s combined points. Fantastic 3 minute recap of it right here:

Buddy had 33 points with about 8 minutes left to play while the rest of the Sooners had 28. 14-21 from the field and 9-9 from the stripe. Oh and did I mention he had 9 rebounds. He had 9 rebounds.

That loser Niang only had 31-7-5 on 13-18 shooting.

But how about this cover?

4-4.5 point spread. Absolutely brutal.

Pray for all the gamblers.