Royals Scouts Were Asked To Leave When They Found Tim Lincecum's Secret Throwing Location

Last month, Jon Heyman reported that free agent starter Tim Lincecum had been “throwing every day at a secret location”, and, of course, I mocked that tweet. I just assumed that Heyman’s choice of words was just another example of Heyman being weird on Twitter, per usual. Because why would the location of where a free agent pitcher is throwing during the offseason have to be a secret? That’s super sketchy.

Well, as it turns out, it really is a secret. We now know that, because apparently scouts from the Kansas City Royals were the first, and only, scouts to find this secret location, and once they did, they were kindly asked to leave. Apparently Lincecum is supposed to be holding a showcase for interested teams this month, but this showcase sounds a lot like Dr. Dre’s Detox album. He keeps talking about it, but it just never happens. In January, it was supposed to be in February, and in February it was supposed to be in March. Now we’re in March, and there’s still no showcase.

For one thing, we do know that teams are interested, despite the fact that nobody, besides his agent, his trainer, his dad, and guys in hazmat suits (probably), has seen him pitch since his hip surgery. Regardless of that, we know that the San Diego Padres have been “very active” in the Lincecum market, and now we know that the Royals are poking around on the 31-year-old, too. The Giants were said to have had minimal interest, but it would be to address a void in the bullpen, whereas Lincecum prefers to start. And teams will let him. That is, if he ever actually comes out of his secret location and has this showcase.