I Begrudgingly Respect Chris Paul Ball-Tapping Kevin Durant In Order To Get Open

I want to hate this move because I hate Chris Paul. Such a fucking gnat. But to be honest, you have to respect the hustle. Because if you ain’t ball tapping, you ain’t trying. It’s funny how when Stone Cold Steve Austin kicks a guy in the dick/gut to set up a Stunner, it’s fine. But when Ric Flair gave the old forearm to the dick, he was booed. We need to be fair and just about dick punches during competition or we are no better than the Twitter eggs that chirp at Barstool without even reading the article they are chirping about.

So if you are playing against Chris Paul, just know that your head and nuts have to always be on a swivel.

And if you have any problems with that, just remember that you are probably taller than him and can just push him around or peg his ass with a ball.

P.S. If the NBA wants to suspend CP3 for tomorrow’s game against the Knicks, I wouldn’t hate it.