White Twitter Hit Rock Bottom With #CelebrityHouseHats Trending


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This is it, folks. We can only go up from here. As a people, white folks can’t get any more unfunny. All of the work Buzzfeed has been doing throughout the years to make white people more and more unfunny, #CelebrityHatHouses has come along and put the final nail in the coffin.


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Take a mediocre celebrity, turn their name into some form of a house, and put a picture of that house on their head in Microsoft Paint. I dont know how something like this starts. I dont know how people liked it enough to make it start trending. And I dont know how we rebound from this. We, as a people, just have to be better.

And while I know it seems like daunting task…while I know it may seem like White Twitter can never recover from this, dont get discouraged. Because there’s one caveat here with #CelebrityHouseHats – it started in Australia. Obviously Australian people are white but Australia might as well be a different planet. I dont think you can lump normal white folks in with those convicts. There’s no telling what goes through their heads. Their brains are either turned to mush from living life on the beach all day or baking in Outback. Just not normal people. So its on us, the rest of the white people, to show the internet we can be funny. Make White Twitter Mediocre Again.