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Chase Daniel, AKA Doug Pederson 2.0, Has Agreed To A Multi-Year Deal With The Eagles

As I said yesterday, I don’t hate it. Do I love it? Fuck no. Especially since this 29-year-old career backup with 2 starts, 77 total pass attempts, and 1 touchdown in 7 years has been knighted in every press conference by Doug Pederson as a capable starter than can lead the franchise. It worries me that Sam Bradford can have one bad game and Doug will deem his clone the starter. But as a true, blue backup that can help Bradford learn the offense and gameplan during the week, I don’t hate it. As long as that’s where it starts and ends we will have no problems with this move.

I repeat, if Chase Daniel is ever the full-time starter for the Philadelphia Eagles, South Philadelphia will need to go up in flames. I’d rather see her destroyed than go through that amount of pain and agony. Oh…and there are reports the compensation for DeMarco Murray was that Titans and Eagles just swapped 4th round picks. You heard that right. Sure, Howie dumped the contract, but he also got rid of a (supposed) premiere and elite RB to move up 13 picks in the 4th round. At least get an extra freaking pick and stock up, man. That chaps my ass.