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Sad News Out Of Bristol, Coach Ditka Retiring From NFL Countdown

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Well you knew this day was coming. In the back of your head you thought maybe just another year, Coach Ditka has survived like 20 heart attacks and 10,000 steaks, he can get himself up for one more go around. But here we are, hanging up the cleats. Yes he lost many steps in the last few years. Fuck he even fell asleep mid conversation on air, which next to the taking the driver’s license away is the quintessential “Oh shit, my grandpa is probably going to die soon” move.





But when he had it, he still had it. Maybe the last guy in media outside of Charles Barkley that was allowed to say whatever he wanted on air. Had no problem speaking his mind even if it was un-PC or blatantly wrong. You may not have liked that, but in a world where everything is the same, every pre-game show is scripted and canned, he was different. So salute to Coach Ditka. This farts for you. I assume he’ll still be doing his weekly ESPN 1000 spot where he tells the same 5 stories about Papa Bear over and over. Love that show.









We all agree Hasselback is just keeping the seat warm of Greg Olsen right?