Maria Menounos Gets Engaged Live On The Howard Stern Show

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Howard Stern - Maria Menounos got the shock of her life on Wednesday morning when her longtime boyfriend Keven Undergaro proposed to her live on the Howard Stern Show. “Although I said that this isn’t a proposal I want to ask you something, Maria,” Keven said while getting down on one knee. “Will you make me the happiest man on Earth?” With a gasp, Maria responded, “Are you freaking kidding me right now?!” “This show’s meant so much to both of us,” Keven continued, saying that he and Maria have been listening to Howard on the radio for years. “I said, one day you will be on that show and you will be a star and here you are.” Maria said yes and brought her parents, Costas and Litsa Menounos, into the studio to celebrate.

Ah yes. Nothing says romance like getting engaged after NINETEEN YEARS on the Howard Stern Show. We’ll be welcoming in Maria and her long time boyfriend for a very special segment as soon as we see how fast we can make this porn star cum on a Sybian! It will go down in the Howard Stern Hall of Fame right up there along side when High Pitched Eric lost his virginity to a hooker and Beetlejuice the deformed midget being stripped down to a thong and getting slapped around. Perfect place to get engaged.

No joke I think the Texas Tech bench mob proposal from Monday was a better idea than this shit

A jumbotron proposal would be more romantic. A flash mob proposal. Whatever. Anything else. I mean I guess after dating for almost 2 decades who really gives a shit about getting married or how the proposal goes down but I think this has to be top 1 worst places to pop the question. Sitting on the same couch some porn star’s pussy was all over with your man on bended knee. Nicholas Sparks aint got nothin on that romance.