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Chase Daniel May Still Be Coming To Philly...And I Don't Hate It?

AS A BACKUP. Keep that clear, Doug. I have zero issues bringing in this career backup to continue holding the chart for Sam Bradford. In fact, I would almost encourage the signing. You get him and Sanchez a shot to duke it out to be the #2 behind a QB whose ACL’s may or may not be Polly-O’s. Why not? The QB Formerly Known As Sanchize didn’t exactly light it up last season when given the opportunity. I like bringing in a guy who is 100% familiar with the offense that can step in and manage a game. I mean, I don’t like how shitty career backup QB Douglas Pederson compares Chase Daniel to himself, but as long as he takes a back seat to the Sleeves then I’m all for it. I’m officially driving the locomotive sitting nicely in the quiet car of the Chase Daniel train and I don’t care who knows it. Bring this bitch to Philly as a backup. Look at him go at Missouri in 2008!

Anyone who rolls out a grainy, VHS highlight film with the Foo is good in my book. Granted, they’re all (below) average football players in the end, but the heart and mind are in the right place.