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Quick Update on the Hulk vs Gawker Sex Tape Trial

What a day it’s been for the Hogan trial. They spent a good 15 minutes, maybe more, talking about the size of the Hulkster’s penis. He confirmed that Terry Bollea’s penis is in fact not 10 inches, but he alluded that his character, Hulk Hogan’s, might be.

They just broke for lunch and will be back at 1:30, but what a day it’s been already. You can get caught up on yesterday’s proceedings by clicking here, and they are back at it today and haven’t missed a beat. The best part of this whole thing is if Hogan gets caught in a lie, a mis-remember, or any sort of situation where he can look bad, he just says that he was in character as Hulk Hogan, not as himself as Terry Bollea. It’s pretty awesome how he has that out. The Gawker lawyer who I hate so, so much is trying to say that when Hogan went on the radio and talked about his dick he was fine with it, so why wouldn’t he be fine with Gawker putting up his sex tape? Hogan’s response is that he’s on the radio as Hulk Hogan, but the sex tape was of Terry Bollea. It actually does make sense, but it is very funny to see Hogan flip back and forth between what is in character and what is not, especially when we all know Terry Bollea died 20 years ago and Hulk Hogan is 24/7, 365. Regardless, I actually think the jury will buy the argument of Bollea is not Hogan. Especially because somehow the Gawker lawyer was trying to compare Hogan taking a shit on TV on his scripted reality show to being secretly filmed having sex. I don’t see a jury buying it, then again, it is a Florida jury.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.