Still Have Time To Donate To Greg Olsen's Charity And Win A Spot On The Barstool Kickball Team



Totally forgot we were picking people to play on this weekends Barstool Kickball team today. I haven’t slept and I’m exhausted from Stanley Cup coverage. So we’re going to extend it to Tomorrow at Noon.


Real simple. Anyone who gives 50 dollars to the Barstool Donation Page will become eligible to play on our team. All you have to do is email a receipt of your donation to Tomorrow I’ll pick 2 winners from the group, each winner gets a +1 to play on our team (you obviously have to get yourself to Chicago if you don’t live here). Simple as could be. Donate 50 dollars, email the receipt, hope you win a spot on the team.


And now there’s the added bonus that Pres will be patrolling the outfield looking like this.