A Naked Woman Twerked On A Truck To Stop Traffic But Fortunately Some People Filmed It While Making Horrified Comments

Warning: Video is NSFW



^Also I realize this video is a little like Naked Twerking Woman Where’s Waldo but honestly from what I can tell from this far-out shot, it’s probably for the best. And everything about this situation cracked me up. On the one hand you have this woman who’s either fucked up out of her gourd or lost her mind or something somehow holding off entire fleets of people with just her nude body. And on the other hand you have these people sitting in their office filming it in the most horrified white people of ways, cracking jokes about the truck shaking, hoping someone lassos her like a steer, and generally sounding horrified. It’s just such a culture clash that seems so perfectly Houston to me from the little I know of it.


I also really respect the rescue workers who didn’t look while she was bent over and twerking on the truck cab. It’s gotta be tempting to sneak a peak even if the offering isn’t the most appealing but they were gentlemen through and through. And they likely saved themselves some PTSD erectile problems in the process. If you did decide to look, you’d have to get a piece of paper and poke a hole in like a little kid looking at an eclipse just to be safe.


PS the one woman shocked saying “All that and all you had to do was grab her hand?” when the woman got onto the rescue lift clearly doesn’t know how easy it is to lure a naked fat girl into most places. A hand holding, a compliment, or promises of fried snacks are all pretty much locks.


PPS The Heavy Rescue truck was much meaner than my PS


(h/t r/publicfreakout)