Guy In A Bear Costume Pranking Co-Worker Is All Fun And Games Till A Real Maneater Shows Up

Cute. Look, brilliant procrastinators such as myself and Jim Halpert are all for playing pranks on the job to pass the days. It’s your working, nay, God given right to fuck around with your co-workers on the clock. But bringing a bear into play on the construction site, while hilarious, is asking for trouble. Have you ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? Yeah, well, it’s only a matter of time till copycats around the world are dressing up as cuddly Yogi and beating this dead horse prank to the ground. After that, it only takes one curious maneater to wander onto a work site and it’s game over. Bossman Johnny will smack “Chuck” in the bear costume to tell him to knock it off and will receive a mauling rape not seen since The Revenent. It’s just a slippery slope at this point. Because I’ll tell ya what, you don’t want to be there when Mama Bear shows up ready to feed her cubs.