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Gronk Should Probably Just Avoid Making Jokes On Twitter





Gronk tweeted this last night and ever since then, I’ve been seeing people acting like there’s trouble in paradise. Jets fans saying that Gronk is no Brady and won’t play for less than he’s worth, Pats fans freaking out that he’s going to holdout or something, even people who are paid for their NFL analysis thinking there might be something brewing here.

There isn’t.

It’s Gronk. He’s trying to make a joke, he just can’t do it without confusing the shit out of everyone. I’ll admit, even I was a little perplexed when I first read it. But really, all Gronk is saying here is that he doesn’t care about money. That shouldn’t surprised anyone, as he said last year that he hasn’t spent a single dollar of NFL money. Gronk doesn’t play for the checks, he plays for the chicks. He plays for cruises, parties, and Super Bowls. That’s what he works hard for and that’s all he’s saying. Yes, technically, if you’re simply looking at base salary and not factoring in the 10 million dollar bonus, Gronk is taking a paycut in 2016 and 2017. But rest assured, he doesn’t care, he just said as much, albeit in a way that makes you scratch your head a little. He’s just a big, goofy golden retriever who was trying to have a little fun on Twitter and accidentally hit himself in the head. Nothing more.


Editor’s Note – I’m totally confused by this tweet. I think Feits is right, but at the same time why tweet this if it isn’t complaining about money?  It’s almost like he wanted to let everybody know he wasn’t happy without coming across as too big of a dick and was left with a vague confusing tweet.  And while Gronk may not care about money his family clearly does.  Nobody has more endorsements or will whore himself to the highest bidder more than Gronk.  He’s strictly pay to play now.