Cuba Gooding Jr. Was Having The Time Of His Life Dancing And Sucking On Phones Down In Miami

TMZ- Cuba Gooding Jr. started out somewhat demure at a Miami Beach nightclub, but he ended up partially naked … and it was awesome!!! Cuba was turnt at LIV nightclub in the Fontainebleau hotel where he was likely celebrating his rave reviews for ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson.’

That video answers the question “What happens when a dead man comes back to life?” Weekend At Bernie’s 3 shit right there. It looked like Rod Tidwell was going to be sentenced to a life of starring in movies that were automatically like 90% rotten on Rotten Tomatoes for the foreseeable future. Omar Gooding was about to pass him in Q Rating if Wild & Crazy Kids ever came back on the air (shout out to anyone that understands that references). But then this O.J. miniseries dropped from the heavens onto his door step and now here he is acting like a goddamn fool at LIV and all is good. If Cuba did this a year ago, people would have checked him into the insane asylum. But now that he has some shine, he can just act like a maniac. It’s like KFC said about Peyton Manning yesterday. Once you get the star treatment, you can drop Forrest Gump lines when discussing teabagging a trainer. That’s the good life right there.  Because even though most of the performances in The People v. O.J. Simpson are terrible, nobody loves sucking itself off more than Hollywood. So Cuba being O.J. on that show ensures he will be getting more scripts thrown his way over the next year than Vinny Chase did in his prime.

Now if you want take your shirt off and dance with a chick that looks like Raven Simone, that’s fine. But putting someone’s phone in your mouth is worse than licking a homeless guy’s asscrack. The things people do while holding their phone runs the gamut of human fluids and waste. Then again, if OJ ever gets out, he’s definitely murdering Cuba’s ass for his portrayal of The Juice.  So keep doing you, Cuba.  You finally landed a role that won’t result in people asking you to show them the money or act like Radio.

Also, no way 2015 Cuba stops dancing with that chick in the pink dress.  2016 Cuba is onto bigger and better things/women.