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Andrew Bogut Was Celebrating a Steph Curry 3 So Early Steph Had To Readjust His Shot (And He Became The First Player With 300+ 3's In a Season)

That is even cockier than when Steph puts up the shot and starts running back downcourt before it even leaves his hand. I don’t know how that’s possible but I’ve seen Steph do it multiple times this year. Bogut was throwing a ticker tape parade down the court for Steph’s 3 so early that Steph had to change his shot so Bogut wouldn’t block it. And he still splashed it. One of my favorite Vines of the year. Imagine if Steph bricked that and Bogut was already on the other side of the court in the paint ready to play defense? That’s just how sure they are that Steph is going to bury these open looks.

And last night while dropping a casual 41, Steph became the first player in NBA history to hit 300 3’s in a season. And there’s still plenty of time to go. Let’s go for 400! The 300th 3…not too shabby. He’s probably the only player in the NBA who can take this shot with confidence.

There’s just no reason that should go in. No reason at all.

The Warriors have now won 45 straight home games, a new NBA record as well. 45 straight games at home without a loss. Hard to even comprehend.