British College Trying to Decide What to Do With 61 Year Old Chemical Engineering Professor Who's a Pornstar on the Side

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Mirror – A leading British university has broken its silence over the secret porn star life of an Oxford- educated professor. The double life of Nicholas Goddard – aka adult film star ‘Old Nick’ – is being investigated by university chiefs after it was revealed. Blue movies made by the divorced father-of-three have been viewed by millions online, Manchester Evening News reports. Prof Goddard made a name for himself after a decade starring in porn films – all the while working as a chemical engineering lecturer at The University of Manchester. University chiefs say they’re ‘continuing to assess the situation’ following the revelations about Prof Goddard’s second job came to light.
It is not yet known whether he will face action. When approached by the M.E.N. at his home, minutes away from the university’s Oxford Road campus, Prof Goddard declined to comment but confirmed he is awaiting a decision about his future from university chiefs. Scores of M.E.N. readers have taken to social media to defend him. Others weren’t so impressed with his secret. Nicola Munro said: “It’s nothing to do with his job, or the university. There is no need to investigate him, unless he has acted inappropriately. “Back off is what I say!” But not everyone has jumped to Prof Goddard’s defence. Diana Peacock said: “Sadly, this person needs to be removed. He has to educate young people. A life of a porn star doesn’t give the right impression. I would be concerned about the message he would send out.” Rose Marie Kelly posted: “What a disgrace. What should we expect from those he teaches? What set of values? No thank you.” And Nwike Anali said: “Bad example to kids who want to be like him. He should be fired sooner rather later.”





How’s that old adage go? “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” Well Nick here might not be the best guy to hire if you need another engineer for your oil rig. He’s an academic. That’s not his preferred method of drilling. But if you’re a buxom young lady who’s looking to make some extra cash by banging a dude who’s nuts are at his knees well then, Nick’s your guy. Sure he might only be able to teach sophomore level mass balance equations but he’s got two doctorates and a healthy practice in laying pipe (and industrial grade pipe at that). Good for Old Nick. And screw this chick who says he’s a bad example and kids will want to be like him. It doesn’t matter how much anyone wants to be getting paid to bang chicks 1/3 of their age when they’re 61, lady (every guy). Problem is you can’t teach having a huge dick. I could take out all the Stafford loans in the world and I’m still gonna be rocking the equipment God gave me. Get the fuck outta here with that.


NSFW link to Nick’s greatest hits



Pretty sweet break from grading mid-term exams if you ask me


P.S. Staying after class to ask for extra credit from this dude must pretty awkward if we’re being perfectly honest. What if he accidentally gets into character? One moment you’re suggesting you do some extra lab work and the next you’re getting pajowa’d. Not a great look