High School Hockey Goalie Boom Sticks His Way To A 'Best Hit Of The Year' Nominee

Here’s a little pro tip for all you kids at home. When you’re skating down on a breakaway, it is probably best to not die. Not sure if that aligns with what all the fancy stats nerds would like you to believe, but not dying on the ice is a pretty important part of the game. But I guess nobody told that to Arlington Catholic’s Matt Solviletti Mason Beecher before it was too late and he had to find out the hard way. Which the hard way, of course, came courtesy of a 2-handed power punch from Winchester senior goalie Christy Redler.

Now anybody who has ever played high school hockey before knows that what Redler did here was fair game. There are 3 things in this life that are guaranteed. Death, taxes, and high school senior hockey players getting into fights during the last game of their career. Redler’s Wincheter Sachems had a trip to the Division 1 North quarterfinals on the line but were down 3-0 with less than 20 seconds left in the game. So what’s the worst that’s going to happen to him after this hit stick? The league gonna suspend him? Big fucking deal. He’s graduating and won’t be back next year anyway. If anything, the kid who got trucked into the next dimension is at fault here for not keeping his guard up. Should have seen this one coming. So hopefully he gets to use this as a learning experience and hopefully somebody can explain this “if Young Metro don’t trust you” meme to me in the near future.

Elsewhere in high school hockey over the weekend…

I’m going to have nightmares for the rest of the week thanks to that hockey mom’s laugh. Think you can tell a lot about a person just from their laugh and I wouldn’t trust this cackling psycho as far as I could throw her.

And then of course the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament wrapped up this weekend with Wayzata High taking the AA title and everything like that.

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