Lebron Says His Recent String Of Cryptic Tweets Are Just His Beautiful Mind Being Social

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Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.28.13 AM




Hey what’s going on here?




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Just his beautiful mind at work, and by at work I mean he’s probably just googling “inspirational sayings” and then tweeting them out like your basic white sorority girl. I imagine Lebron sitting in his house, maybe pulling up a chair next to a big window to stare at nature, putting on an oversized sweater and grabbing a nice cup of tea and writing his tweets down before he puts them into his computer. Almost like Henry David Thoreau in his secluded cabin. Lebron is setting his beautiful mind free for all the world to enjoy.



Have to respect what Lebron is trying to accomplish here though. Whole world has moved on to Steph Curry, there are serious doubts now if he’ll ever win a Championship in Cleveland, so what does he do? Gets social on social media and steals all the headlines. Is Lebron going to leave Cleveland? Is he calling out one of his teammates? Did he just watch the Davinci code and now knows what a cryptic message means? Who knows, but the people are talking about him and not Steph. That’s how you do it, beautiful mind indeed.





Just remember


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