Lovie Smith Officially Announced As New Illinois Head Coach

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The more I thought about Lovie Smith’s return to the state of Illinois the more I realized how smart of a hire this is. Obviously the jokes about his career are there, Lovie went from the Super Bowl to missing the playoffs to coaching some really bad Tampa Bay teams to Champaign, but from the Illini side this was a great hire. Illinois needs one thing at this point in time, stability. The scandals, the job turnover, the losses, all of it can’t continue, so a guy like Lovie Smith coming in to run the football program makes a  ton of sense. He may not be the best coach, he may not be the best recruiter, but he is definitely stable. You could make the argument that his stability is almost why he got fired by the Bears. Always consistently good, never consistently great. If you’re an Illini fan you take that for your football team in a heart beat.




Welcome back to the state, Lovie. Maybe time for a new jacket.