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NEED More Footage Of This Old Villanova Fan Going White Man Ham To The Mortal Kombat Theme

GET IT, GRAMPS! I know it isn’t the best angle in the world, and that’s a problem. This Nova geezer is too on point for there to not be any more footage. There should have been cameras all around him unless the electricity he produced shorted out everything in his section. That was White Man Ham from beginning to end. Maybe he relied on the fist pump too much (his Dice Dance, if you will), but much you gotta keep on going when you’ve got nothing left but the crowd wants it all. Going straight Fiddler On The Roof at :37 was all desperation but somehow even more heart. And here I thought the title for most awkwardly white dancer was solely in my possession after getting sniped dominating karaoke. Me and gramps need to have a cracker off sooner than later. Again, I have no idea what this move is and, quite frankly, I don’t want to know.


h/t Zach

UPDATE: Ask and ye shall receive. Up close and personal with this Wildcat is better than I could’ve imagined. Those dungarees have seen some serious shit. .