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Tom Sestito And Jordin Tootoo Got In A "Pillow Fight" Over The Weekend


The Pittsburgh Penguins have made plenty of changes to their roster since last season. They brought in Phil Kessel from Toronto. Earlier in the year, they traded David Perron to Anaheim for Carl Hagelin and they moved Rob Scuderi to Chicago for Trevor Daley. At the deadline they made moves to bring in Justin Schultz from Edmonton. But the new face to the Pittsburgh Penguins that stands out the most is that ol’ bag of shit Tom Sestito. A player that not even the Flyers could justify keeping on their roster any more.

When Twitter eggs bring up the debate to get fighting out of hockey, that conversation should start and end with guys like Tom Sestito. Because besides his incredibly punchable face, he brings nothing to the table. So quick shoutout to Jordin Tootoo for putting that plug back in his place last night. Not a great look for Sestito to get ragdolled by a guy he has 8 inches and at least 30 pounds on. Especially not a god look to not even drop the gloves with the guy. You’re a goon, you’re jawing with another goon before the faceoff, as soon as that puck drops then so do your gloves. Not sure why Sestito bitched out like that. But I guess we can’t blame him  for refusing to fight Jordin Tootoo last night considering this is what happened the last time they went at it.

Jordin Tootoo out there putting Tom Sestito in a body bag both with his fists and with his words.


Pittsburgh scored on the ensuing powerplay and then won the game 6-1. But that’s all besides the point.

Couple other highlights from the weekend in the NHL…

The William Nylander Era has officially begun in Toronto

And this stat sure is something…


I think this means that Brooks Laich has to bang Mrs. Nylander now. Only makes sense.

Radko Gudas with a 4 point night. Didn’t think I’d ever have to write that sentence in my entire life.

For those keeping track at home, that’s the 3rd goal from center ice or further that the Columbus Blue Jackets have given up this year.