Do Not Play Trust Games With The Miami Heat Mascot Because He Will Break Your Dick





Straight up one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I swear to god I’ve watched this fifteen times now and laugh out loud every single one. Every time that head snaps back while everyone else’s legs fly into the air I let out a full belly laugh.



I guess this was Burnie’s birthday so they wanted to do something fun and this just goes to prove that the friend who needs a “special” birthday is nothing but a nuisance. I want a crazy night out, I want a surprise party but make sure I’m surprised even though I just asked for a surprise, it’s my birthday week and I want to do a front flip over my ten closest friends. Shut the hell up, how about that? You’re an adult. You don’t get a quinceañera anymore. We’re gonna go to a bar, I’ll buy you a few drinks, maybe a dinner if we have sex, but nothing extravagant. We’re adults now and the time for crazy fun stuff is over. Attempting anything special, or out of the ordinary, is how I end up miserable/writhing around on the ground while I try and reattach my dick.



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