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Bron Bron Just Posted The Most Hateable Instagram Post In the History of the Internet




Who does this?  Who brags about themselves like this 24/7?  Can you be more insecure?  You don’t see me making instagram posts about how it’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve already blogged 6 blogs.  And this is coming off a night when I was up till 2am blogging UFC.  I woke up and got right back at it.  Slept for 2.5 hours and just started blogging again.   Am I bragging about it?  Am I telling people how great I am?  Nope.  Because this is my job.  This is what I get paid to do. Because I live to outwork people. I live to be the best. Nantucket houses don’t just appear magically. You need to earn them. You need to sweat for them. You need to put the time in the lab.  I just don’t need to make stupid instagram videos to tell people about it.  I let my blogging do the talking.  #GoPresGo