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You Can't Get More Humiliated More Than This Kid Did At The UMASS Blarney Blowout

I’m not going to advocate for additional violence, much less the committal of a felony. Not on this website I won’t. Having said that, this dude who got dragged around needs to go back and burn this fucking house down. Maybe murder his family too. Because never in my life have I seen something so humiliating as a grown man getting taken out to the curb, just like the trash. If this was just the punch, or even just the entire kerfuffle, I’m not even writing this blog. Ho hum, that’s business as usual at a college St. Patrick’s Day celebration. But the showmanship of hauling a dazed body off your property? That’s some WWE shit. I really think the kid needs to drop out of school or something. No one forgets the kid who wets his pants, the kid who pukes, and the kid who got downright degraded at Blarney.



h.t Tom