Employee Fired For Texting And Not Helping a Girl 2 Feet Off The Ground On a Rock Climbing Wall As Her Mother Taped It

When I saw this headline, I expected it to be so, so much worse. Like I thought the girl would be in some life or death situation while the employee laughed and kept texting. Nope.

CBC - A British Columbia climbing company has fired an employee for ignoring a crying child stuck on a climbing wall. The mother of the upset girl took the video and posted it on Facebook on Wednesday. The video, which was no longer available on Facebook as of Friday morning, showed a female Funtopia Surrey employee on her phone a few metres away for almost a minute.  “My daughter is crying up there and she is ON HER PHONE TEXTING!!!” the mother wrote online. Several people on social media have questioned the actions of the mother, saying she should have gone to her daughter’s rescue instead of recording it.  “It’s the world we now live in: Take pictures first, then help,” said one commenter on Facebook. However, the mother said she wanted proof, claiming the climbing instructor had been on her phone prior to her recording as well. “It broke my heart not to run and help my daughter right away,” she said, “but I needed to capture this as evidence.

Ok look, I can be reasonable. I get that employees are not supposed to be on their phone while they have children going up the rock climbing walls. I understand that. But as a climber myself, an experienced rock climber myself***, I have to take the side of the employee here. Great rock climbers are formed under the highest pressure situations. If you coddle to every child who is crying while 2 feet off the ground, you don’t build a generation of new rock climbers, you build a generation of pussies. And that employee could not under his best judgement help grow a new generation of pussies. That girl was two feet off the ground, just keep climbing, dummy. And you can’t fall, you have more harnesses than I’ve ever seen in my life.

And shout out to the mom, who took a minute of video before doing anything. She wasn’t worried enough about her daughter’s safety at the time, but she had to complain on the Internet and get someone fired, because 2016 is awesome. If you aren’t trying to get someone fired on a daily basis, you aren’t doing your job as a global citizen. Now look, I did say I would be reasonable, and I do agree that if an employee can’t stay off their phone for a minute, maybe they should be a blogger and not hanging around rock climbing kids. But I have to give the employee the benefit of the doubt, nobody should start crying 2 feet off the fucking ground! Anddddddd keep in mind that the little girl gained her composure and started to try to climb again by the end of the video..right when the mother justtttt so happened to turn the camera off. Interesting, huh? Almost as if the employee has seen many children freak out, gain their composure, and keep going. That has to happen on a daily basis. So yes, the guy probably shouldn’t have been texting, but everything else is pure malarky. Malarky I say.


**** Maybe an exaggeration, but I have watched Meru 3 times now so I feel like a rock climber. I even looked up a couple rock climbing gyms in the area. Really think about pulling the trigger. Seems fascinating and I should probably do some sort of physical activity a couple times a week before I need an electric wheelchair to get around.