Keanu Reeves Going HAM At A Gun Range Proves That Neo Really Was The One





But,like, in a good way if that’s possible.  That was pretty awesome. Neo busting a cap in a bunch of targets. I’m a heterosexual male but that left me all hot and bothered. I’m also not a gun guy because I’d for sure shoot my own face off (good flick) but I am a man. And part of being a man means you love watching dudes fuck shit up with weapons. That’s just the way it is. Keanu has come a long way from The Replacements.  Not in terms of acting, he’s still wildly mediocre at that.  It’s just been a long time since The Replacements came out. How hot was that cheerleader in that movie? Smoke. Anyway, I didn’t see the John Wick movie but I might have to now. That video was super lit.


PS- Getting high and watching The Matrix is the biggest movie mistake I ever made. That, or watching Lord of War stoned. It completely ruined that movie for me and I’ll never forgive myself. Loved it up until that point. The fighting, the lobby scene, not knowing how to fly a helicopter then instantly knowing how to fly a helicopter, Morpheus being fucking cool, etc. We’d never seen anything like it at that point in time. Then I messed it all up for marijuana. You don’t truly understand how bad Keanu’s acting is in that until you’re high as shit. I’d say do it but don’t. He’s AWFUL. I had to turn it off.