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Russell Wilson Breaks His Oath To God And Makes An Appearance In The P-hub Comments Of The Week


If it’s Friday, it’s Top Pornhub Comments of the Week. A time to sit back and really enjoy some of the finer things in life. Like the fact that you’re not commenting on internet porn, for example. Now I’m sure everybody’s schedule is extremely busy right now so let’s just get right to it.

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Okay so there’s a whole lot to unpack with this one. First off, fuck mossgroovy for being a judgemental little prick. Who eats cereal from the bag? What kind of a question is that? EVERYBODY eats cereal from the bag, it’s called being an adult. But I will give him a +1 on only insane people pour the milk in the bowl before the cereal. That’s just inefficient and ill-advised to say the least.

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That’s what I love about these porno girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.

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I saw this comment, realized that I don’t have any cold hard facts in front of me to 100% disprove this theory so I have no other choice but to believe it. Despite the poor arithmetic.

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Which, ipso facto, makes you a gay fish.


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Is it a little depressing that a pornhub commenter can correctly spell mayonnaise while nobody on this website can? Yeah, maybe.

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Ha! Good try but everybody knows that Russell Wilson isn’t allowed to cum unless he’s getting tugged off by the hand of god himself.

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That you, Nate?

And thus concludes this week in freaks. Thanks a bunch for stopping in, ya perverts. Hope everybody enjoyed themselves and hope all you hooligans have yourselves a go this weekend. As always, feel free to send any comments you come across to @BarstoolJordie on Twitter. My DMs are very much open (sup, ladies?)