A-Rod Crushes The First Pitch He Sees For A Home Run

Absolutely crushed and that’s the way you want to see A-Rod start the season. After last year’s season, a lot of people don’t think that Alex can do it again. They say he’s a year older (Aren’t we all?) and he will break down. All of this is true.

A-Rod is a 40 year old man and yes that does make him more susceptible to injuries. But this isn’t some random 40 year old. This is a guy who basically got 2 years off to get healthy and take care of the nagging injuries that made him a burden in the lineup. he has rededicated himself to the game of baseball and now he only has to play half the game. If Alex was coming in trying to play the field, like he did last year, we would have a big problem. Now though, we have one of the greatest hitters in the history of the game just focusing on seeing the ball and hitting the ball. The means big trouble for a lot of pitchers and a lot of ball.

PS: Me tweeting today that i didn’t think A-Rod would go deep today may have been my greatest error and I’m beating myself up about it.