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Gronk Is Getting His Own Show On Nickelodeon Called "Crashletes"





(Deadline)Launching the 2016 Upfronts sellathon, Nickelodeon today added two new sports-themed series from Rob Dyrdek and Shane Nickerson of Superjacket Productions (Fantasy Factory, Ridiculousness): Crashletes, a new viral sports clip show hosted by the New England Patriots’ telegenic tight end Rob Gronkowski, and Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life (working title), a docuseries that follows 15-year-old skateboarding phenom Eaton around the world. Nick has ordered 20 episodes of each and plans to present them later this year.




Genius! I didn’t even know Nickelodeon was still a network but this is a brilliant move to get back in the limelight. By combining Gronk and a children’s show, they just gave themselves a crossover hit. Kids will love it because Gronk is a big, boisterous teddy bear, adults will love it because watching him giggle at childish jokes and people getting slimed will be must-see TV. You know how they make children’s movies interesting for adults by sneaking in all kinds of dirty jokes and innuendo? That’s gonna be Crashletes. Only they don’t have to sneak it in, it will just happen organically. You may think that the NFL’s famed party boy isn’t the best choice for children’s television, and you’d be very wrong. Personally, I can’t wait for the first Gronk and a 13 year old both come a urethra’s slip from peeing their pants when they hear the number 69.