11-Year-Old Kid Sinks A Hole-In-One In Front Of Tiger Woods At His New Golf Course




Welp that’s the best moment of that kid’s life and he will never ever top it. It’s not possible. This is the peak for him.  This is the pinnacle. He’s about to be the big man on campus at his school. Hitting a hole-in-one on the inaugural shot of a new golf course is rare enough.  Then toss in the fact that it’s Tiger Woods’ new golf course, he’s there and he gave the kid a hug? Yeah, that’s as good as it gets my friend. Am I jealous? Hell yes I’m jealous. I’m jealous that the kid got to hug Tiger Woods and I’m jealous that he can tee off in front of all those people without shanking it. Lots of miracles at work in that clip. I would actually be willing to bet that kid is going to the the #1 golfer in the world some day. Moments like this don’t happen on accident. Not to mention he’ll be riding this wave of confidence until the day he dies. But still, even if all that happens and he becomes the best player in the world some day and wins double digit majors, nothing will ever top the time he sank a hole-in-one in front of Tiger Woods.