Patriots Release Brandon LaFell And Scott Chandler



Not exactly a surprise here, for Chandler at least. He was not exactly stellar this season. Started off exciting with the Patriots running the two TE sets at the goal line, but he quickly disappeared and was the number three tight end by the AFC Championship game. He’s by all accounts a good guy but is it worth 2 million to pay a good guy just so he can’t destroy you, as Chandler’s always had his best games against New England? Probably not.



I guess JoJo isn’t much of a surprise either. He stunk on ice this year. Big time. He stunk so bad that people made this Vine after that putrid Jets game, if I remember correctly….




But, considering the fact that the Pats saved zero dollars by cutting him today rather than in August, and the fact that he was such a large part of that Super Bowl run, I thought he might get a chance to have a full offseason to let that foot heal then get a shot to state his case and keep his job. Clearly, that ain’t happening. Always loved JoJo and we’ll always have that Ravens catch. Truly the best pass Tom Brady has thrown in his entire career. Absolute perfection.





The most interesting aspect of all this, however, is Zolak’s reaction.




Zo’s pretty in the know and not exactly being subtle here. He knows something. What he knows, I haven’t the faintest idea but if I had to guess it’s probably Calvin Johnson. Definitely. It’s always Calvin Johnson. Calvin, Roddy White, and Hernandez got out of jail. Oh, Larry Fitzgerald too. Very big indeed.


Pats now have 17 million cap dollars to play with. Stay tuned.