BREAKING NEWS: Aroldis Chapman Suspended 30 Games

This is just coming out and this take is going to be hotter than J-Lo in her prime but this is horseshit. Aroldis Chapman has been suspended long enough to mess with the Yankees season but not long enough to impact his service time. Literally the worst case scenario. I expected something like 10-15 games that would be appealed down to 5-7 but with no appeal, BECAUSE CHAPMAN IS A TEAM PLAYER and doesn’t want to drag this out for the team it will make for an interesting season.

Let’s be clear that you shouldn’t hit women but no charges were pressed. If Chapman did something 30 games bad, he would have been charged with literally anything. I know he shot a gun in his garage, but that’s a rite of passage to become a man down there. Like a Florida bar mitzvah.

Not sure what the long term impact will be here, but it means more work for Miller and Betances in the beginning of the season with a fresh Chapman in May to spell them. If the Yankees are looking to move Miller at the deadline, this is a great shot to show him off early in the season, but it will be tough to put all your eggs in the Chapman basket in his walk year.

PS: Him not appealing is a little weird if he didn’t do anything wrong. This is cut to 15 games with a mediocre appeal so I think the team asked him to just eat it because it keeps him fresh. Or he was going ot get worse and settled for this so he could get paid in the offseason.