PETA Tortured A Bunch Of Innocent Beanie Babies In The Weirdest Video You'll Ever See



What the fuck PETA? What the actual fuck? That was horrifying. Nightmare city. Those Beanie Babies didn’t do anything to you. They’re just innocent little stuffed animals. Now I know PETA will say that’s exactly why we shouldn’t kill and eat real animals too. Because they didn’t do anything to us. They’re just innocent animals.  Well guess what? They did do something to us. They made themselves delicious to eat. That’s on them. If cows didn’t want to be slaughtered for steaks and burgers then they shouldn’t be so damn delicious when I stuff them into my face. That’s their fault.  Also, animals can rebel any time they want. It’s called rising up and defeating those who are keeping you down. If animals are so sick and tired of being eaten by humans then why don’t they do something about it? Exactly. It ain’t easy getting to the top of the food chain but, once you’re there, you want to enjoy the spoils. That’s all we’re doing as humans. Enjoying the spoils. Those spoils include beef jerky, steaks, burgers, chicken sandwiches, etc. It’s good to be #1.


h/t mak