Things Are Off To a Hot Start At The Hulk Hogan Sex Tape vs Gawker Trial

I love it. More than love it. Hulkster cutting promos on Twitter about his 100 million dollar sex tape court case. I’m beginning to really believe that Hulk Hogan is like Cobb in Inception and no longer has the ability to differentiate between real life and the world of wrestling. Hogan was in it for too long, too deep, and now everything he does is wrestling in his mind. He probably thinks at some point Kevin Nash is going to come give the judge a jackknife powerbomb while Sting drops from the rafters and takes over.

And in case you were wondering, yes Hogan dressed up for court.

It’d be concerning if Hogan wasn’t wearing his dress bandana. Not just concerning, but disrespectful to the judicial system.

And no, Gawker is not the one here off to the hot start.

Not the best day so far for blogs not named Barstool. Hope Hogan gets his 100 million.