Reader Email - Johnny Football Making It Rain In The Strip Club Last Night

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Reader Email

Hey boys,

Not one to snitch, but here’s a Johnny football scoop. Go follow [redacted] on snap chat… he was with Johnny football last night boozing heavy at the club/ strip club. Plenty of good screen grabs with our boys eyes in the back of his skull as he throws money at fully nude chicks. Attached a few shitty ones because I’m not gonna take the time and get good ones, you can do that yourself if interested.

All for guys having fun, but this kid needs to clean it up.

Annnnnnd the Johnny Football ruining-his-life tour rolls on full steam ahead. Most pro athletes go #NoDaysOff with their workouts…Johnny apparently does it with his blackout drinking and partying always in clear view of somebody holding their iPhone up.

I mean we said on the Rundown yesterday that drinking out of the bottle while wearing a hat like this was basically rock bottom-

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But it looks like we’re just getting warmed up. To just not even care that somebody is documenting your entire night in a strip club on their Snapchat account? To stick your face in it and basically give an interview? It’s like the girlfriend that switches into sweatpants and no makeup – just giving up on appearances. All downhill from here.

99.999% of pro athletes in a strip club popping bottles and making it rain = perfectly fine, even preferred. A guy who hasn’t done shit in the NFL, has blown every opportunity he’s been given, has gone to rehab, and is in the middle of a firestorm of being called a woman beater and an alcoholic while not even having a team? Not a great idea.