A-Rod Finally Shares His Social Media Strategy

I think every Yankee fan has been waiting for this moment to come. Since last year and all through this offseason we’ve all been wondering one thing, what is A-Rod’s social media strategy? All along I’ve just assumed he was it was just sharing everything, kind of like everyone’s parents on Facebook, and it turns out I was right.

At the end of the day, A-Rod is a 40 year old man just trying to keep up. His kids are ashamed of his postings and tell him to knock it off with the embarrassing postings because he’s just like a normal person. Actually he’s more like a basic bitch than anything else.

He plays dress up

Tells bad jokes

Let’s everyone know how many friends he has

Gets white girl wasted

Takes clearly staged photos

And thinks hes an artist cause he took a sunset picture

But the most important thing he does that aligns with a basic, is makes sure that everyone knows he works out. But you’re not going to find another basic thats getting ready to hit 30 bombs and pass Babe Ruth.