Tony Romo Snitched About Gambling On Gronk's Party Cruise So Now He's Under NFL Investigation



(Source) Rob Gronkowski’s party cruise to the Bahamas may come at a price for the New England Patriots tight end. According to Brian New of CBS 11 in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, the NFL is investigating whether the cruise ran afoul of league gambling rules.’s Todd Archer reported an attorney for the NFL informed both Gronkowski and the NFL Players Association that Gronkowski could potentially be punished for his involvement.



No one cared about the Gronk party cruise, for the most part. Is was good, clean, harmless, hammered drunk fun and everyone came back saying it was a good time. That is, until Tony Romo decided it was time to drop a turd in the punch bowl and started whining about the fact that there was a casino on Gronk’s boat and Romo had to cancel his dorky little fantasy convention




Hey Tony, how bout you shut the fuck up, you goddamn snitch. No one wanted to go to that shitty fantasy convention with your laser tag buddies anyway. You wanna have a gambling symposium? Be smart, like Gronk is, and do it in international waters. Everything is legal out there and beyond the reach of the long arm of NFL law (note: that is not true. But, perhaps Gronk could claim parlay? I saw that in Pirates of the Caribbean. Might be something for the Gronk legal team to consider). No one gave a shit about this until Tony had to be the tattletale, but here we are. I’m not sure what the “punishment” could be, but I assume it will somehow get twisted into a performance enhancement issue and Gronk will get four games before appeal. Plus, it’s not even gambling when you’re on a cruise. That’s just living. Vacation money is monopoly money, it doesn’t count. There have to be actual stakes for it to be gambling.



PS – I don’t actually think anything will come of this. NFL just has to pretend to investigate so Tony doesn’t get to run fantasy conventions and take away form the league’s DraftKings business.