This Rhode Island State Championship Hoop Game Is BY FAR the Craziest Ending I've Ever Seen (MUST WATCH)




Sports, man.  Just when you think you’ve seen it all you see something you’ve never seen before.  This is literally the craziest ending I’ve ever seen.   It’s just not every day you have a full fledged pig pile from the team that lost.  I mean this fucking team lost!




How do you even carry on with your life if you’re #2 in blue?  All you had to do was keep dribbling or throw it forward or do anything except throw it backwards to the other team.   No joke this will haunt this kid’s dreams every single day for the rest of his life.  I know people make fun of high school heros but when you’re a white kid from the suburbs high school sports is generally the peak of your athletic career.  You’ll never have games that matter or that many people watch you play sports ever again. You never forget moments like these and you super duper never forget when you pull arguably the greatest bonehead play in the history of high school sports.


PS – Do we all agree this was a proper use of “Must Watch”?


Double PS – I put the over under until NESN/John Henry/ posts this at 1:13pm