Catholic Priest Casually Snorting Cocaine While Surrounded By Nazi Memorabilia



Footage has surfaced of a Roman Catholic priest snorting cocaine at a house party. In the video, obtained by The Sun on Sunday, 37-year-old Father Stephen Crossan can be heard saying ‘Oh, I shouldn’t’ before putting back a line through a rolled-up £10 note. A source told the newspaper Crossan and his friends had gone back to his house after being kicked out of another party, only to be shocked at his drug use and Nazi memorabilia.



Sometimes I feel bad for priests.  Not the kid diddling priests. Those guys are the worst. I’m talking about the priests who do everything the right way and still aren’t allowed to have any fun like doing drugs or having sex. Like if that guy wasn’t a priest, we wouldn’t even be talking about the video.  It’d just be another guy snorting cocaine with his buddies on the weekend.  No big deal.  People wouldn’t even bat an eye. But since he’s a priest everybody flips the fuck out. He can’t do that! He’s a man of God! It doesn’t seem fair. Priests should be able to let their hair down like the rest of us. They are humans after all.  How about this. In the spirit of Leap Day let’s make Leap Day the day priests get to go nuts. Snort cocaine, drink as much as they want and have sex with strippers. Let’em raise hell (pun intended). You gotta let them open the pressure valve every once in awhile or things can go really wrong. Kid diddling wrong. And oh yeah, the Nazi memorabilia isn’t a great look either but let’s focus more on the part where we should let priests be normal humans once every four years. Ready, break.