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The Eagles Have Reportedly Upped Their Offer To Keep Sam Bradford

FoxSports – The Eagles upped their offer to Sam Bradford during meetings with Bradford’s agent at the NFL Scouting Combine last week as a way of making a strong push to close out a multi-year deal for the quarterback before the start of free agency, sources told FOX Sports. The terms of the offer aren’t available, but sources indicated the Eagles believe it’s a very strong offer for Bradford — one that’s at the top of his expected range on the open market and one that should help get him under contract before that market opens on March 9.

It’s…happening? Do I finally agree on a move this snakebag administration is working on? Or is this a smokescreen before the inevitable Chase Daniel kick in the dick? If so, touche again, Howie. Pissing on my soul will never get old.

AGAIN, for all of those who think I believe Sam Bradford is the tits of the town, I don’t necessarily believe that. All I do know is, well, I don’t know. Neither do you. Hence why I wanted a franchise deal to see him for one more year because the ONLY thing we do know is he is, BY FAR, the best option at QB for the Eagles in 2016. That’s not even an argument. Best case scenario is we get him for a 3-4 year, team friendly deal and groom a QB for the future (preferably in next year’s draft because reaching for Lynch at 13 or trading up for Wentz has disaster written all over it, Goff will be unattainable). It would be a win for all sides. Will that happen? Of course not. Howie Roseman and his under qualified scouting department will find a way to screw the pooch in the draft. But, hey, if that devil can lock the sleeves down for a reasonable price, I’ll shake his hoof. That or, like I said, expect this entire thing to be a charade and 30-year-old career wet blanket Chase Daniel is already at the Novacare ready to lead this team to the average land.