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Wake Up With Bo Jackson Hitting 3 Home Runs In Yankee Stadium

Damn. Bo should’ve stuck with baseball. This was 1990, and Bo Jackson was crushing baseballs out to right field as a right-handed batter that were going further than most left-handed batters could pull them. I mean, I guess can’t blame the guy for trying to be a two-sport athlete. If you had the talent to play in the MLB and the NFL at the same time, how could anyone pass that up? But, man. If Bo had stuck with baseball, and had avoided the career-ending injuries that he suffered while playing in the NFL, just imagine what he could have accomplished over the course of a full major league career. Just think about how many tape measure home runs and spectacular catches we were robbed of witnessing. This sucks. I’m pissed off now. Bo Knows how to ruin my Monday morning.