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Phil Jackson Just Tweeted Out That Steph Curry Reminds Him Of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. Wait, WHAT?!?


As soon as I saw this tweet, I was like Samuel L. Jackson just dreading the thought of people seeing it, like when John McClain is holding that sandwich board in Harlem in Die Hard 3. Phil has officially reached the “Angry, old tired guy that refuses to back down from his beliefs no matter what” stage of his life. Like someone’s grandfather saying that the Internet is just a fad. And I know that Phil loves stirring shit up through the media. That’s just what he does. And while 11 rings buys you a lot of respect, I think we have to draw the line here. Because if someone tweeted this out, it would be flat out disrespectful.

The Zen Master went all in on with his goink tweet last year after the Warriors lost a playoff game and has just gotten absolutely RAILROADED by Curry and Golden State ever since.


I mean I have been staring at the Zen Master’s tweet and the stats of both players and just don’t understand it. I think if I stare at the numbers long enough like a Magic Eye poster, some number will appear that helps everything make sense. Nope.



Reminder: It’s only February and he already has set the record

Okay, now it all makes sense.


That being said, those old Nuggets uniforms were fire.


And I felt like since it happened about 12 hours ago, I had to include that last shot again. I love everything about it. Steph’s giant balls, Breen’s “Bang”, and Draymond being Draymond.

Oh yeah, and the OKC crowd and entire Thunder team having its guts ripped out the millisecond Steph released the ball.