Blackhawks Continue To Load Up. Welcome Aboard Dale Weise

Dale Weise and Fleischman to the Blackhawks for a 2018 2nd round pick and Danault. Damn, where did I hear about this before?

dale weise

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Not bad for a guy who’s only source is his brain. Started talked about Dale Weise before people like Jordie and Marc Bergervin even knew the Habs were dead. Now its here. The Hawks needed to get heavier to be bang with LA and Anaheim in the playoffs. Now they’ve got Ladd and the Lucic kryptonite, Dale Weise. I love Phillip Danault. I think he’s going to be a great bottom 6 center for years to come, but you have to give up something to get something. Kruger is coming back and the Hawks have Dennis Rasmussen who can do many of the same things as Danault. Stan is just loading this team up. Ready for the playoff wars now.

Tomas Fleischmann can play for this team too. He’s shown some skill in the past. He still skates okay. I don’t know where Fleischmann fits exactly. He might not be in the lineup every night, but you can never have too many veteran guys for a playoff run.

Now the Hawks can literally play any style. Hey LA and Anaheim, you want a slug fest? That’s fine. You want to run and gun, good fucking luck. The Blackhawks are deep, skilled, fast, and tough. They’ve got everything now.

Dynasty REIGN bitches.