Stray Dog Trying To Hump A Reporter's Leg As He Reports On Donald Trump Just About Sums It Up


That pretty much sums up everything that is going on in politics right now. I’m not sure how it does but it just does. A stray dog trying to hump a reporter as he reports from outside a Donald Trump rally. It’s perfect. I thought it couldn’t get any weirder after that debate last night where Trump called Cruz a basket case and Ben Carson didn’t say a single world. Poor Ben is still waiting on that CNN stage for his opportunity to talk. Somebody please attack him. And that’s really what that dog clip represents.  Just when you think the road to the presidential election can’t get any weirder, it gets way fucking weirder. Donald Trump running for president? That’s pretty weird. Donald Trump on his way to a landslide victory to become the Republican nominee for president? That’s really weird. Dog trying to hump a reporter’s leg outside a rally? Par for the course at this point actually. Cant wait to see what happens next.