Big News Out Of The NBA, The Golden State Warriors May Be Pretty Good



This is my favorite Magic, when he throws something out there and you know he has something on his mind he’s been meaning to talk about. Just tickle the internet, dip his toes in the water to see if on February 26th, after an NBA title and 52-5 start, he can proclaim that the Warriors are the real deal. First a little more Steph.




Half way through his second straight MVP, I’ve seen enough boys, best athlete in America.



And what makes Steph so great? Buckets. He just gets a lot of buckets. 2 pointers, 3 pointers, sometimes even 1 pointers (we call those free throws in the biz, nbd). Steph Curry can put the ball in the hoop and when you really think about it, that’s what basketball is all about.






Uh oh, Magic is heating up. Feels like we’re on to something big.



WHOAAAA. Not only will the Warriors break the Bulls record but also set a new one, which is what breaking a record literally means but that’s just how good the the Warriors are. They can do both the breaking and the setting of a new one. Remember, they’re the team everybody wants to watch.




I don’t know Magic, let’s step back from this one. I mean what have the Warriors done that makes you think they can win 4 consecutive 7 game series. Sounds fishy.


Ah nevermind. Should have waited for part 2. The Warriors, they just do it all. Magic approved!



I’m not joking when I say he’s my favorite follow on twitter. Sometimes in life you need the most painfully obvious facts pointed out to you in robot language. And when that moment arrives, Magic is there, consistent, direct, obvious. The best.






Steph Curry dropping 51 last night was absurd in how casual it felt. He’s not of this planet. I’ve never seen a guy who shoots half court shots and you’re shocked when they don’t go in. It’s incredible.